DOT/IATA Shipping of Radioactive Materials

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DOT/IATA Shipping of Radioactive Materials


This 1-day training course meets the DOT/IATA requirements for radioactive material shippers. The course includes exempt shipments; excepted packages containing limited quantities, instruments or articles; Radioactive White I, Yellow II and Yellow III shipments in Type A containers.



This 1-day training course focuses precisely on shipping the Class 7 Radioactive Materials that interest most people. The presentation is limited to Exempt Package Shipments; Excepted Packages containing Limited Quantities, Instruments and Articles; Radioactive White I, Yellow II and Yellow III shipments in both exclusive use and non-exclusive use vehicles. This is all that most licensees will ever need to ship. Packaging and shipping of SCO, LSA material and Type B shipments are not covered.

Students will participate in packaging and surveying actual radioactive material and will complete documentation for several types of shipments. Each student receives a 75-page full-color training manual complete with references, pertinent regulations, explanatory text, illustrations, sample forms and in-class exercises. A written objective exam is administered at the end of the course and a certificate of satisfactory completion is provided.

2019 Dates
March 25, 2019
May 20, 2019
September 30, 2019

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