Instrument Calibration

calibrationOur factory-trained technicians provide outstanding calibration and repair services for radiological instruments.

FREE Reminder Service.

Contact Kurt Newton at 860-228-0721, or email at

Services include:

  • Complete calibration services for instruments of all kinds
  • Portable exposure rate and count rate instruments (any brand or model)
  • Instruments calibrated to Cs-137. Other isotopes available on request
  • Clear, fully-documented calibration certificates
  • On-site calibration service available
  • Complete instrument repair facility; factory-trained technicians
  • Decontamination service for detectors and instruments

Turn-around time is 3 business days! (Rush service available at an additional charge.)

NRC License No. 06-30007-01 — Connecticut Public Health Laboratory License No. PH-0111

Calibration Price List
Survey Meters–Count Rate
Includes up to four scales with one detector.
Efficiency determined for virtually any isotopes you specify.
Survey Meters–Exposure Rate
Includes up to four scales with one detector.
Calibrated to 137Cesium.
Each Additional Scale
(after first four)
Each Additional Detector $35.00
Counter/Scalers $100.00
Single-Channel Analyzers $100.00
Electronic Dosimeters $70.00
Alarming Ratemeters $60.00
Quartz-Fiber Pocket Dosimeters $20.00
Repair/Troubleshooting/Decontamination (per hour)
(plus parts)
Air Samplers/Flow Meters $85.00

  • Efficiency for iodine-in-neck phantom at no additional charge.
  • Free calibration reminder service provided.
  • Calibrations meet or exceed guidelines from NRC and ANSI.

When returning meters for calibration, use our Calibration Return Form.