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RSA Laboratories provides a wide range of radiological and radiochemical analytical services, including sealed source leak tests, radon-in-water testing, gamma spectrum analysis, and liquid scintillation. For information, quotes and quantity pricing contact Jay Dockendorff at 860-228-0721, or email at


Gamma Spectrum Analysis*
Any geometry–up to 2 hours' count $105
Each additional hour
(Sample prep not included)
Liquid Scintillation Analysis
Water, swipes or air samples $20
Leak Test Kits
Includes all materials to perform
a sealed source leak test–
instructions, analysis, and report.
Gross alpha/beta $13
Beta (LSC, up to 2 isotopes) $20
Gross Alpha OR Gross Beta only
Soil $39
Water $39
Air Filter $51
Gross Alpha AND Beta
Soil $67
Water $67
Air Filter $51
Isotopic Separations
Radon-222* $50
Sample Preparation Charges
Soil, sediment, sludge
Drying, splitting, grinding $15
Ashing, acid digestion $25
Particulate Air Filter, Swipe
Ashing, acid digestion $25
Liquid Samples
Pre-filtering, etc. $10
Drying, grinding $15
Ashing, acid digestion $25

*Drinking Water certified by the State of Connecticut

Return shipping of all samples is billed at cost.