Radiation Alert® MC1K

Radiation Alert® MC1K

When you need an analog high range meter, this is the choice. The ergonomic MC1K is a handheld survey meter using a built-in energy compensated GM detector. It detects gamma and x-rays up to 1000 mR/hr over 4 selectable ranges.

Energy compensated halogen-quenched GM tube.

Operating Range
X1 position 0 – 1 mR/hr or 0 – .01 mSv/hr
X10 position 1 – 10 mR/hr or 0 – .1 mSv/hr
X100 position 5 – 100 mR/hr or 0 – 1 mSv/hr
X1000 position 50 – 1000 mR/hr or 0 – 10 mSv/hr

MC1K Energy Sensitivity
Detects gamma and x-rays down to 40 keV. Response is flat from 40 keV up. Normal background, approximately 4 CPM.

Typically ±15% of reading (Cs137)

Range Switch
X1, X10, X100, X1000.

Audio Indicator
Internally mounted beeper (can be turned off for silent operation).

Meter will hold at full scale in fields as high as 100 times the maximum reading.

Power Requirements
9-volt alkaline battery up to 2,000 hrs at normal background

Battery Life
Battery life is up to 2,000 hours at normal background radiation levels.

Temperature Range
-20° to 55° C (-4° to 131° F).

217 g (7.7 oz)

3.5 mm jack with pulse out.

209 x 71 x 50 mm (8.2 x 2.8 x 1.9 in.)

Carrying Case (included), Optional Observer Serial Software

Limited Warranty
1 year limited warranty