Radiation Alert® Software

Radiation Alert® Software

Solutions for expanding your radation detctors and spectrum analyzers.

Observer USB
The New Observer USB is a free version of the Observer software that runs on Windows®. It can be used with the Inspector USB, Digilert200, Monitor 4 USB & Monitor 4EC USB Radiation Detectors. The Observer USB reads in Counts, CPM, and CPS, as well as µR/hr, mR/hr, and µSv/hr and has the ability to collect, log, and perform statistical analysis on the data received. We do not currently have a Mac version of the software. However, for info about running windows on an Apple computer, please click here.

Free Download of the Observer USB Software:
Observer USB Software | Downloaded Data Sample | Quick Start Video Guide


Observer Serial
The serial version of the Observer software runs on a Windows® platform and can be used with the Inspector Family, Digilert Family, and Monitor 4 Family Radiation Detectors. The Observer reads in Counts, CPM, and CPS and has the ability to collect, log, and perform statistical analysis on the data received. The data is displayed on a graph as well as digital and analog on-screen meters and can be saved or printed in various ways including a spreadsheet format. The dwell/count time can be adjusted for each point on the graph. You can also set the length of time for the count. The on-screen meters in the software have adjustable settings as well as a settable alarm in CPM mode. There are both visual and audio indicators, and you can play the meter click through your PC speakers. Serial Observer now comes with a Serial over USB cable, so now you only need a USB port and you’re off and running!

For a free demo of the serial version, you can download it here :
32-bit Demo | 64-bit Demo


The URSA II, with a full-featured MCA program, can be used with practically any radiation detector and can extract any data your detector can supply! It has been designed taking into account comments and requests from our current URSA customers. URSA-II MCA, the all-new fully, quantitative Windows™ based URSA-II software package has been designed for ease of use in a 32-bit Windows™ environment. Software also includes URSA-II for PPC software to run the URSA-II using a Windows Mobile™ Device (Jornada, iPAQ, TDS Nomad, etc.) running WindowsCE™ or Windows Mobile™. The Software can be installed on as many computers as you like, with no restrictions and includes free software updates.

URSA-II MCA Software Download:
32-Bit Windows | 64-Bit Windows | PPC | 2.1.1 Windows Beta


The Windows® based SentryCom Software enables you to set the values for dose and dose rate alarms and warnings, set the Cal Factor, and the data logging frequency. It also allows the user to download the accumulated exposure data, which includes time and date stamp, exposure, and power cycle identifiers for analysis. The data is stored in a convenient delimited text file for use with a spreadsheet program.

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RAD-60 ACS Express
State of the Art Software for keeping accurate dose records during an event. ACS Express is a state-of-the-art Windows-based Access Control System providing logging and personnel control for restricted area entries and exits. Designed exclusively for use by Emergency Responders. Load the software on a laptop, hook up an ADR-1 Reader and your ready to implement the system in minutes. Provides dose records and ingress/egress controls to track personnel in radiation areas.

The MJW ACS Express system provides for log-in/log-out of personnel using an identification bar-code. RWP capabilities, personnel records, and other various administrative modules are provided to facilitate this function, as described below. The ACS Express system is designed top down to be fully functional, comprehensive, flexible and robust. ACS Express is a multi-threaded application that is immediately responsive to user and hardware events. The software design and implementation provides the ability for it to be adjusted to varying hardware configurations and site-specific requirements/specifications without the need for changes to the program code. Each workstation is easily customized. Software utilities are provided that enable the administrator to select key settings based on the policies of the customer and the hardware in use at the workstation. Data entry at the login workstation can be via numeric keypad, bar code scanner, or magnetic strip reader.

ACS Express is provided with a Microsoft SQL Server™ database that runs within the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE™). ACS Express is designed for single workstation use, and can be upgraded to the networked enterprise version, ACS Enterprise. Interfacing to the database is performed utilizing Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers. Transaction processing protects all interactions with the database, ensuring the integrity of the data in the database.

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